Tips for a Successful Tea Garden

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Legend has it that the first cup tea was accidentally prepared in China around 2732 B.C. When the wind blows the leaves from an unidentified tree into boiling water. The Emperor was enticed by the scent of the resulting beverage. The Emperor quickly took a taste of the beverage, and found it intriguing.

Although you can buy tea infusions packets at the grocery store, it’s not as satisfying to know that you can grow your own tea herbs and make your perfect cup of tea.

Today we will be discussing the ten essential things to know to grow a tea-garden. Let’s get the kettle on and get started!

Prep Tea Garden

To grow teas, herbs and spices, your garden must have the right conditions. The best conditions for growing herbal tea plants gethsemane garden center are sunny areas and well-drained soil. Don’t worry if the soil in your garden has poor drainage. A raised bed is always an option. You can always use a raised bed.


Tea made from perennial herbs is delicious. If you already have a herb garden you can use to enhance the flavor and depth of your recipes, you are already on the right path.

You can grow herbs such as mint cultivars and varieties, holy basil, lemongrass, holy basil and cilantro in your own garden. You can also purchase the Camellia Sinensis traditional tea plant from your local nursery to grow in your own tea garden.


The beautiful aromas of flowering plants can be added to your tea, giving it a floral touch. The edible varieties of hibiscus add a bright colour and a tart, fruity flavor to tea cups. Chamomile and lavender calm and soothe your nerves while jasmine adds a warm and sweet note to your cup. You can also plant stevia in your own garden if you are looking for natural sweeteners.

Ginger is also a wonderful addition to a tea garden or in a cup of tea. Ginger’s spicy aroma adds warmth and vibrancy to brewed beverages.


Mint and other herbs can be very aggressive. They can overtake your garden faster than you can boil water. You can prevent this by planting them separately in pots that will contain their growth.

You can use containers to grow different herbs if you don’t have enough space. Make sure you use well-balanced soil and water them often. Also, place them in an area where they get a lot of sun.


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