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Palos Verdes is south west of Los Angeles and a part of the town’s South Bay. Its proper title is your Palos Verdes Peninsula, and it has broken into two or three distinct areas — Palos Verdes Estates, Rolling Hills, Rolling Hills Estates, and Rancho Palos Verdes. If you are knowledgeable about this region, you may agree, like most rewarding shore towns in California, Palos Verdes is somewhat out of the way. But that is a part of what makes it so unique!


If you see Palos Verdes without becoming out of your automobile, which I have done innumerable times, I am certain that you would not be let down. This peninsula is rampant and rural at the best possible sense, worlds apart from the sounds and sights of the remainder of LA.. On the street, you will end up tracing the shoreline, weaving up and down and twisting around together with the region’s rocky, craggy terrain.

Require Palos Verdes Drive (East-West or even vice-versa), that can be roughly a 20-minute (12-mile) driveway without stopping. However, there’ll be quitting. Plenty of it!


You will find miles and miles of hiking trails throughout the Palos Verdes peninsula. Considering that which is near or inside a residential place, most paths are usually well-maintained and well-marked. Palos Verdes peninsula is believed to possess an authentic Mediterranean climate, with mostly temperate, temperate times. The surrounding chaparral and footprints are reminiscent of additional shrubby, coastal regions in far-off areas like Spain, Italy and Greece, which makes for some truly unique California trekking.

Abalone Cove Trail (1.4 miles)

Paintbrush Route (5.7 miles)

Klondike and Portuguese Canyon Trails (5.0 miles)

Pescadero Route (0.6 miles)

Shipwreck Hiking Trail (4.6 miles)


You really do not need to take a hike for an incredible view, if that is not something. There are lots of vistas worth quitting at this can reward you with spectacle you could not have ever seen before, even in the event that you’ve lived in Los Angeles all of your lifetime.

Del Cerro Park

Abalone Cove Shoreline Park

Malaga Cove

Lookout Point Park

Bluff Cove


Beaches in Palos Verdes really are somewhat tricky. You will notice that a whole lot of beaches have limited parking, or even a steep walk down to the water. Many more have stones and pebbles rather than sand. But they are all stunning nonetheless since they feel so unkind and rocky in contrast to anything else you will experience near LA..

Cabrillo Beach

White Point Park

Sacred Cove Beach

Terranea Cove Beach

Portuguese Bend Cove Beach

Abalone Cove Beach

Pelican Cove Beach


The dominator was a Greek freighter that got captured off the rocky shore of Palos Verdes in 1961, and was not able to be freed. Ever since the shipwreck has stayed submerged off the shore, but different remains of the boat can be seen scattered across the coastline. To look at the shipwreck, choose the Shipwreck Trail.


Point Vicente Lighthouse, recorded on the National Registry of Historic Sites,’s existed for nearly a century. In its first years, it had been among the cleverest landmarks around the west shore, and really needed to become dimmed during WWII therefore enemy submarines would not have the ability to discover land. Now, the lighthouse still works using an automatic light, and has really even starred in a few Hollywood films! You cannot go inside, but the opinion of the lighthouse in the local walking path is incredible. And, there is an Interpretive Center and memorial onsite so that you may find out more about its own history, if you would love to.


Wayfarers Chapel seems like it had been pulled straight from a fairytale. This little chapel has glass ceilings and walls which are surrounded by giant redwood trees, which makes you feel as though you were standing at the center of a woods. The Chapel functions like a standard place of worship along with a popular wedding destination. Whenever there isn’t a ceremony moving on, the structure, made by Lloyd Wright (Frank Lloyd Wright’s son!) , is well worth stopping by to test out.


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