Ride in style in Miami, FL with private airport transfers from Twelve Transfers


Whether you’re visiting Miami for business or leisure you will find plenty of destinations you might want to visit here. From great restaurants, world famous beaches that somehow reinvent the term “night party”, the Frost Art Museum, Miami MetroZoo or the already known alternatives like city tour bus rides you will quickly find many ways to enjoy and feel the city vibe to the fullest.

Transportation wise, MIA (Miami International Airport) is located just 10 miles away from downtown Miami, and you have plenty of alternatives to go with. For the travellers on a budget, Miami is accessible by standard buses, taxis and daily regular shuttles that can take you fast and cheap from the airport to downtown or metro areas.

If you plan to make transportation also more enjoyable, especially if you are a business traveller or came with family, you can pre-book your airport transfer with a private chauffeur company like Twelve Transfers for the peace of mind and comfortable service. You will get to basically rent a car with the chauffeur included and based on your itinerary, you will have all sorts of services included like: meet & greet from the airport, free 60min waiting time, zero delays and comfortable rises from first class cars to standard estate cars while all the stress related to flight delays, airport parkings, coverage transfers and luggage is already taken care for you.

The overall costs are almost 10% cheaper than most of the reputable transfer companies out there, and this cost is actually even better if you happen to travel in group and also have luggage. If you factor in the waiting time for the public transportation plus the headache of dragging the luggage with you while you change public transportation, buses, taxis or regular shuttles it’s almost always worth paying a little more per person to ride in style, with your dedicated chauffeur and comfortable ride so you can focus on what Miami has to offer.

With over 6 years of knowledge in the private transfer industry you can count on us for everything related to private cars with chauffeurs, limos and everything to make the most out of Miami trip.

Twelve Transfers was initially launched and perfected in the UK and after more than 6 years in the luxury private transportation industry with dozens of thousands of bookings completed. From the most complex routes and tight schedules for darring CEOs to the simplest point A to point B luxurious transfers for enthusiastic couples we’ve delivered comfy rides for all.

Since 2019, our team, fleet management and operational excellence is also present in the sunshine state to deliver the same level of experience. Feel free to jump in and take advantage of our special launch prices that start from just $50. Get an instant online quote and see all the advantages of booking your private transfer with us, the Twelve Transfers way. Find more details about our cars, philosophy full range of services over at

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