PM Truck Of The Month “Precision Plumbing”

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We ran into the month Truck Of The Month at Our own Precision Plumbing area whilst sitting in traffic. Let us face itit’s difficult to dismiss a full size box truck using a mythical picture of a clean-cut, uniformed, support tech promising same-day support.

The grinning tech’s nametag said”Matt Morse,” and we simply could not resist calling Precision Plumbing Services at Carol Stream, Ill., to learn whether”Matt” was actually a part of the provider.

Turns out, Matt Morse is the proprietor of precision plumbing, And he is no stranger to the query. “My technicians become told by clients that they think that it is them about the vehicle, even when they have blond hair or are bald. Many individuals don’t understand it is the proprietor.”

The thought, Morse informs usoriginally ben franklin plumbing came from Seeing fellow builder Chris Corley (Corley Professional Services, Greenville, S.C.) showcased in PM’s May 2004 Truck Of The Month. Morse really liked the picture Corley’s trucks gave away, and after talking with the other respected builder, Larry Sinn by The Service Company at Greer, S.C., Morse was convinced to place his own likeness on the truck instead of hire somebody.

“I am a Fairly shy person when it comes to getting My face around. It was a difficult decision for mepersonally, and it was very weird for its first two or three months,” Morse admits. “However, I’m glad I did it. It lets folks know that I don’t have anything to hide along with my company if I am prepared to put my image in my trucks”

The”Matt” trucks are on the street for 2 Years today, and the business has six of these complete, along with four Hackney Box Trucks together with all the old emblem, two drain trucks, 1 jet rodding truck, a trailer and a single dump truck using an excavator. Precision tracks its ties and advertising among its own tracking codes to”truck” So it is an established winner for the business: Precision’s call answers directly associated with”watched truck” over doubled in precisely the exact same season interval.

“We’d 68 calls from July 2003 through June 2004. By July 2005 to May 24 this season, we’ve had 142 calls using a marginally higher average ticket”

All this new focus has enabled precision plumbing to Grow overall in a fairly steady rate. Several plans and recently implemented notions were at the works when we talked to the business in May (see Ellen Rohr’s Little Shop column this month, page 91, for Precision’s take on shipment and call-taking).

By Way of Example, precision plumbing just began a program With its seller so as to restock its own trucks. The seller receives a list every day of that which was used from the trucks, and Precision receives the substituted products bagged – by truck – by 7 a.m. the following moment.

“We’re doing this by hand now, [but we] Will be going to barcode from the store after we get down it,” Morse says. The business is going to update its applications to be completely incorporated. Each technician is going to have a pocket PC device which can scan every job and pull on the substance. A PO will be automatically generated and delivered to the provider for restock exactly the exact same .

“We use a single Major provider and others for Merchandise the major one doesn’t inventory. We’re maintaining our physical warehouse stock to a minimum by making use of the sellers.”

Some other truck-related updates for precision plumbing Comprise Networkcar GPS. “We can track rate and gasoline intake; when a truck has a mechanical problem, the machine sends us an email to alarm us” says Morse.

Significantly, also, Morse and his group need Employees to adhere to the rules of this street (speeding, safety straps ) and instruct them to be extra considerate, as they’re in a”yelling loudly billboard” which reflects the whole firm.

“Our trucks will be the picture that people see and Associate with our commerce. I Would like to perform my part on this Fantastic commerce and assist Increase the bar in the manner in which we represent ourselves. We can do good work and Be professional; why do not look the part, also?”


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