Ideas to Save Money on Utilities from the Netherlands

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Utilize Electricity in Night and On Weekends

From the Netherlands, there’s a decreased tariff between 23:00 and 07:00 through the week when your house has a meter fitted. Additionally, it is available on weekends (from Friday 23:00 to Monday 07:00). Little things such as taking a shower before bed, charging your computer immediately and doing the laundry on weekends may save money on utilities (electricity) in the long term.

Focus on Your Smart Meter

All families in the Netherlands will have been provided a smart meter at the end of 2020, so it is likely you have got one by now (click here to learn how to read your Dutch ). Gas and power readings will be sent to a provider automatically monthly. From that point, you will get a summary of your intake via email or post. Here, you acquire a regular insight in your energy usage and the expenses connected with that. This permits you to make ideal adjustments and reduce where required; consequently, saving cash.

Spend Less Time at the Shower

As much as most of us love displaying our vocal art under a spa, it is in fact among the largest causes of water waste in the house. The typical shower uses approximately 12 litres of water each minute. Taking a whirlpool bathtub rather than a 10-minute shower will lower your water intake by 22 million litres each year. That is a massive figure for your environment and will save money on utilities (water) in a large way.

Invest in A Few Tech

There are lots of technological tools to assist save cash on Dutch utilities. Energy saving lightbulbs, taps (such as the Quooker faucet ), shower heads and appliances are readily available at affordable rates. A clock thermostat allows you define the temperatures and times of your heating through the day. Many, such as the Nest thermostat, join to mobile programs so that you are able to control the warmth of your house when you’re out to prevent unnecessary use. Particular devices can even monitor standby intake in real time and assess the creation of solar panels. To learn more on the sorts of technology available from the Netherlands, click here.

Do not be Swayed by Bundle Deals

Specifically, this suggestion relates to an online setup but it is something to keep in mind throughout the board. There are lots of internet providers to select from in the Netherlands, such as Ziggo, KPN and Tele2. Most they provide round-the-clock bundle deals for cable TV, internet and landline whilst throwing in a couple of unique features. If you do not need these extras you may purchase internet by itself and pay for what you really use. Comparison sites such as this provide a more in-depth appearance.

Insulate Central Heating Plumbing

Even though enchanting, many buildings from the Netherlands are older and badly insulated. Plumbing in cold rooms such as attics and crawl spaces frequently eliminate heat. Covering them with pipe insulation makes it possible for this warmth to reach where it is needed. If you do not feel like getting your hands dirty, you can find a handyman to do it for you. Platforms like Zoofy join you with electricians, technicians and repairmen to the other side of the Netherlands who will find the job done very quickly.


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