How to be the Ultimate Hostess?

Is there anyone else who has reached this stage of life? A place where hosting a small gathering with friends and family is more enjoyable than going to fancy restaurants and bars to spend the evening? Charlie and I have spent many years improving and investing in our house. We love entertaining and have enjoyed hosting friends at dinner parties, picnic garden parties, and barbecues.

Create a Guest List Strategy!

Charlie and I usually invite friends with a date (or ‘plus one’) – this makes everyone feel more at home and helps us know our numbers so we don’t get surprised if 3 plus ones show up and we need to squeeze in extra seats! Our friends are all very friendly and easy-going. We have many friends from school, work, and neighbours. This makes it so everyone is comfortable and happy. But be aware of clashing personalities if you want a peaceful gathering.

Make Sure to Plan a Seasonal Menu

It is important to consider the garden park apartments seasonality of the food that you prepare. Not only will it be cheaper, but fresh ingredients will make your dishes taste better. Charlie and I love to go to the local farmers market to pick up seasonal vegetables before we have our parties. It’s also a great outing!

Get Ready for the Night Ahead

The day of a gathering can be stressful for me. I often get messages from friends asking for last-minute information or making other unexpected changes. I try to do as much preparation as I can the night before. If it’s a picnic garden party, I try to set up the table as quickly as possible. You can prepare many foods the day before, which will give you more time to make beautiful floral ice cubes. Simply freeze a small petal or flower in an ice cube overnight, and that will allow you to prepare other dishes. This is what it looks like. A good tip for cooking is to stick with what you know how to make. If you are creating a meal to share with friends, this is not the best time to experiment to see if something goes wrong.

Plan Your Table Setting

It doesn’t matter if you are hosting a dinner party or a picnic garden party in the garden, setting the table beautifully is key to a memorable meal. The morning before the dinner party, go to your local flower market and purchase fresh flowers for the centrepieces. Make sure they are low enough that everyone can see them. If you do decide to light candles, make sure they are not scented so that the scent doesn’t interfere with your food’s aromas and flavors.

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