A good, fruity, and virtuous sorbet is my favorite. It’s not as satisfying as a scoop of full-fat bonafide ice cream.

That Was Until I Tried Garden Creamery Sorbets

  • These sorbets are made with agave nectar and organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs. They don’t contain any stabilizers or other emulsifiers.
  • They are exquisitely delicious, and taste like a pastry chef at a top four-star restaurant has spent hours making them.
  • Natalie Parker and Erin Lang, both residents of Hawaii, came up with the idea for the sorbets. However, they are made in Novato.
  • Strawberry Rosemary is complex and smooth, with a piney note that I could not get enough of.
  • Brilliant-fuchsia Raspberry Red Pepper is a combination of red bell peppers and berries, which together create an even stronger berry flavor.

Coconut Cream is Intense and Tropical

The 85 percent Dark Chocolate Honey will picnic garden win over even the most discerning chocolate lovers. It has a deep dark color and tastes like frozen hot chocolate. It is creamy, full-bodied, and slightly icy. It’s 170 calories per half-cup, which is about 100 calories less than a premium chocolate icecream, but it still fulfills every bad-boy craving.

The other sorbets are approximately 40 to 90 calories each half cup depending on the variety. Garden Creamery sorbets are available at Mill Valley Market, RJ’s Market, San Francisco and Green Earth Natural Foods, San Francisco for $6.99 per pint. They will also be available at Andronico’s markets starting Sept. 20.

Soon, however, the Hawaii native realized that her childhood on an island had influenced her work. Lang says that she grew up eating shaved-ice and was drawn to cute, colorful foods as a child. “When I started experimenting with semifreddo pops, I would give them an Oahu-inspired spin. I dipped them into everything from cereal to sprinkles to Pop Rocks. It was nostalgic, and it was a lot more fun. Pops were added to her menu in 2013. She bought a truck called Sugar Bear and started Garden Creamery on the move. Soon, her repertoire expanded to include organic dairy ice cream.

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