How to waterproof the pool deck area

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Water is always splashing onto the deck area. Interaction of water with other elements such as UV radiation, temperature and weather conditions accelerates the damaging rate. Such factors wash away the colour, resins, and deck finishing. Covering the entire deck may not be possible, but sealers can provide additional protection using resistant coatings and deck waterproofing.

Processes Involved in Deck Waterproofing.

  1. Deck Checking

The first step before beginning waterproofing a deck is checking if it needs protection. The process involved dropping several drops of water to see whether they will get beaded up. Water beading up means that the surface is still well protected. When water is dropped on the surface, and it soaks, then the surface needs waterproofing. The surface can further be tested by pressing a tape to see if it stains or not. If the tape gets stained, it indicates that the surface has been affected by water. When sanding and washing the surface to eliminate the eroded wood.

Faded decks should be refinished using coats of stains that are waterproofing sealants. Before a sealer can be applied on a concrete surface, you should be sure about the weather for the about 48 hours to ensure that the sealer will dry. Clear sealers are best for wood protection, while stained stains are best for providing UV protection. Furthermore, before staining, check to ensure that there are no signs of rotting, twisting, and splitting the wood surface. 

  1. Prepare the Deck.

The preparation step of decks starts with clearing the surface and removing any movable item on the area to be coated. The nearby plants and the pool are then covered with cloth or plastic sheets to prevent any splashes. Next, the debris and particles on the surface should be removed, especially in between cracks, if any using a broom. Any lifted nails are also repaired, and damages on the boards are repaired. The surface is then washed using a pressure washer to eliminate the oil, dust, grease and dust. Next, the initial sealant is also removed using the pressure washer. Finally, the remaining previous sealer is removed by scrubbing using medium-grit sandpaper.  The cleaning can also be aided using cleaning products that can remove any mildew, mould and algae and usually have different strengths.

  1. Apply Sealant

Once the surface has been cleaned and dries, the nest stage involves applying a thin layer of sealer. The best type of sealers is mildew resistant, mould resistant is waterproof, and can prevent UV damages. Apply the sealer using a stain brush towards the direction of the boards. Ensure that you wear protective gear when handling the sealer and apply it when the sun is mild to avoid quickly absorbing it into the wood and drying.

  1. Finish Up

This stage is where the deck is allowed to dry. The deck area should not be used during the drying and should be left for 48 hours. Once the sealer has completely dried, the furniture and items for the deck are returned. 


Many people love to enjoy and bask in the sun on pool decks. Decks, in turn, require proper maintenance to make them durable and protected from damages. Frequent checks and repairs may be required once in a while to ensure it stays strong and waterproof. Maintaining the decks surface and structure by waterproofing using fresh sealers and stains is advisable. The cleaning and repair steps are also key to ensure the deck is in good condition before applying sealant.


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