Balamb Garden: Before The Fire Cavern

You can leave the classroom and walk down the hall to meet another student. He clearly didn’t know about the five-minute rule that requires students to arrive at class on time. Is it okay if you choose one of the options? You’ll be giving her a tour through Balamb Garden. This may prove useful for someone who isn’t familiar with the layout. You can’t be rude or dismissive, but nothing will be lost.

To either way, go down the hallway to the right and transition to another screen. Talk to the man on the bridge. You’ll be offered some cards by the man on the bridge, including a starter set of Final Fantasy VIII’s card-game, Triple Triad. These cards include the Geezards, Funguars, Red Bats, Gaylas, Gespers, Fastitocalon F and Caterchipillar cards. None of these cards are particularly impressive as they are all Level 1 Monster Cards.

Continue straight to reach an elevator. Raw Garden Ride it down until you reach the 1st Floor Hall. You can bring the girl along, but the goal is the same: descend some stairs. Note the map to the right of the stairs. Squall will give the girl (and you) a tour of Balamb Garden if you’ve brought her along. The girl will then go on her own, leaving Squall alone after some more conversation.

Balamb Garden is very easy to navigate. The entrance to Balamb Garden is located in the hallway between the front gate, where you are supposed to meet Quistis, and the elevator to 2nd Floor. You can turn right or left from here and follow the hallway as it turns in a circular motion. If you turn left (going counterclockwise), you will encounter the infirmary and quad, as well as the cafeteria, dormitory, parking lot, training center, and library. You will find signs at each bridge.

Leaving Balamb Garden

Once you have that information, there is nothing else you can do in Balamb Garden. You can return to the main area between the elevators and the front gate, and then go down to the left to locate two revolving rings, one blue, and one yellow. This is the save point where you can save your game.

Once you’re done, make your way to the turnstiles and then down some stairs. You will be navigating through many screens. Continue down the stairs, exiting to another screen. Keep your eyes to the left as another draw point awaits you, this time containing Cure magic. Although it might not seem generous, it’s still better than nothing. To exit Balamb Garden’s gates you will need to exit this screen. Quistis is waiting for you.

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