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Bruzek Funeral Home: In New Prague


Bruzek Funeral Home dedicated memorial directors offer personalized funeral plans that meet the specific needs of each family. You can rely on the dedicated staff to assist you with funeral planning, memorial service service arrangements, and even discuss cremation options. The memorial director will help you with all aspects of the service, including choosing memorial flowers, casket options, music selections, and accommodations. They are experts in traditional funerals, simple cremation and grief support.

Bruzek Funeral Home offers services

There are many florists close to Bruzek Funeral home that offer a wide range of flowers, including bouquets and baskets. This will help you express your sympathy for the family. Use the information above to contact them. If you are interested in sending sympathy flowers to a family who has a loved one here, you can send out funeral plans bouquets to Bruzek Funeral Home right now.|You can send funeral bouquets to Bruzek Mortuary Home right away if you’re interested in sending sympathy flowers for a family that has lost a loved one.}

Preplanning your funeral is a great way to ensure your family’s legacy and peace of mind. This location has been providing exceptional care to the community for many years. They will guide you through funeral service etiquette and funeral insurance costs. They also provide directions to cemeteries and guestbook. This business is located in New Prague (Minnesota), 2.5 miles from New Prague’s town center. It is part of Scott County.

Bruzek Funeral Homes is located in New Prague (Minnesota). John F. Bruzek founded it in 1903. It is now in its third generation and family-owned. The funeral home provides all the traditional funeral services such as cremation, memorial services and traditional ceremonies. They can also provide creative, individualized services. This means that they will accommodate any request to the best of your abilities.

Pre-planning your funeral is possible at Bruzek Funeral Home. This is an excellent option if you have a clear idea of how your funeral industry will look. You can be sure that your final wishes are respected.

Pre-paying for your funeral is also possible. Pre-planning and prepaying can help relieve a lot of stress for your loved ones after you pass. You can complete a pre-planning questionnaire on the website and one of their preplanning specialists will get back to you.

Families can also get support from the funeral home during their grief process. The funeral home recognizes that grief is a complex process. It can be affected by your relationship with the deceased, their death and how it was handled, as well as your health. Sometimes, when you most need it, it can be difficult to offer assistance. Bruzek Funeral Homes can help you locate the resources that you need to support you during this difficult time.

The website of Bruzek Funeral Home does not contain price lists for its services. The website doesn’t include information about their facilities or whether they sell funeral merchandise. You can contact them by phone, email, or complete a contact form online for more information.

There are many options for lodging in New Prague for family and friends who are visiting from far away to attend the funeral directors services. New Prague is a small city but you will find hotels, inns and AirBnb accommodation in the area. Quality Inn & Suites is a top-rated place to stay.

New Prague is a great place to spend your free time if you are looking for activities in the region. As you may have guessed the area is named after the capital city of the Czech Republic. The Czech immigrants from Bohemia created the town. There is still a rich Czech culture in the area.

The Ettlins Cafe is a great place to enjoy high-quality Czech food. It’s located on 4th Avenue SW and is only a 3 minute drive from Bruzek Funeral Home. You can also visit the main street, which has antique shops, boutiques and more restaurants. There is also a Czech bakery to check out.