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Flamm Funeral Home: Rexburg

Flamm Funeral Home

Flamm Funeral Home compassionate memorial service directors can provide personalized funeral services that meet each family’s needs. The funeral director will guide you through the entire process, including choosing appropriate music, casket options, local accommodations, and funeral flowers. This dedicated staff will assist you with funeral preparation and burial arrangements. They are experts in funeral preparation, custom funerals, basic cremation and grief support.

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If you are considering sending funeral flowers to a family who has a loved one here, you can send funeral flowers to Flamm Funeral Home right now.|Flamm Funeral Home can help you send funeral adding flowers to the family of a deceased loved one.} Flamm Funeral Home has a wide selection of flowers, baskets and arrangements that can help you express your sympathy for the family. Flamm Funeral Home can be reached at (212) 662-8311 or by email.

This location has been providing exceptional care to the community for many years. They can guide you through memorial etiquette and funeral costs. They also provide directions to cemeteries. Preplanning your funeral home is a great way to ensure your family’s legacy is preserved and give you peace of mind.

This business is 2.5 miles from downtown Rexburg in Idaho, which is located in Madison County. It serves the following neighborhoods: Archer.

Flamm Funeral Home 130 Years in Business

Garth Flamm, the former owner of the funeral house, continues to work part-time and his family has owned it almost since the inception of Rexburg. Flamm Funeral Home is not the only business as old as Upper Valley Standard Journal.

Garth Flamm stated that Jacob Henry Flamm was born in Germany and immigrated to New York with his stepmother and father. He was a mill worker in New York and Pennsylvania. He was told by a coworker about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He was then baptized and moved to West Texas in 1857.

Garth Flamm stated that Jacob Henry Flamm settled at Logan, Utah, and then John Taylor, the president, called people to Rexburg, to colonize. He went with them.

Thomas E. Ricks was the bishop of the ward located in Rexburg. Garth Flamm states that the boundaries of the ward were everything north of the Portneuf River, and all areas east and west where a Latter Day Saint could be found. Thomas Flamm was Thomas E. Ricks’ first counselor in the Church.

Garth Flamm stated, “When my great-granddad came, he was completely blind due to an accident that he had.” He regained his sight in one eye later. He did well, and he opened a mercantile shop on Main Street.

He stated that the building where the Key Bank is now located was the one that used to be home to the Flamm’s original business, the Corner of Main and First East.

Garth Flamm stated that “He founded the Mercantile business and added the funeral service in 1888.” He claimed that Jacob Henry Flamm’s wife died first when his ancestor arrived in Rexburg. Garth Flamm believes she was buried on the hill where the BYU-Idaho Spori Building stands.

Garth Flamm stated that they decided there was too many rocks up there and moved her body to the Rexburg Cemetery. We don’t know if that’s why he went to funeral service, but he did.

They had a room to store funeral paraphernalia in the funeral parlor back then. As today, grieving family members could buy items for funerals directly there.

Garth Flamm stated that it was a tradition for men to wear a black armband, and women to wear black clothing and, sometimes, a veil. To attend a funeral. We’re becoming more casual. Most people don’t dress up anymore, but we are getting more casual. A purple or black ribbon was used to decorate wreaths and placed them on the homes.

Garth Flamm stated, “It was symbolic to recognize that there had been death in the home.” “And people who pass the home would know, if not already. It was also a custom that bad news would be indicated by a black-embellished letter.

Garth Flamm stated that there were many bizarre and interesting traditions in the past. One example: Some communities used to hang death notices on a tree because they didn’t have rapid communication or newspapers at that time.

Garth Flamm stated that undertakers would visit the home to prepare the body for burial when a death occurs. In those early days, they didn’t embalm. They began to embalm in their homes when it became more popular. They brought a portable embalming station into the house and would embalm and dress the body there.

After the bodies had been prepared, a viewing would be held at his home. Then, a funeral would take place at the church. Garth Flamm stated that there weren’t enough funerals to sustain the business in its early days and that many morticians would take on additional work. Garth Flamm stated, “So they ran both the mercantile and funeral parlor together as one company.”

The business eventually became a furniture shop. Garth Flamm stated that he knew of many morticians who had other careers, including one with a hardware shop and another who was an engineer. The family business of Flamm moved around the city several times before it settled down where it is today. Garth Flamm stated that they operated as a furniture shop until 1976 when the Teton Dam burst. They merged the two businesses on Mainstreet, then moved the funeral parlor into the building successful next door. The parking lot is right next to them. They operated there for many years. They then moved to the top of Hospital Hill.

Garth Flamm stated that Rexburg has had many other funeral homes over the years

“There was J.R. Young, who worked down at the building flexibility where A.C. Moore is located. I believe it’s called is. Garth Flamm stated that there was a place in there. “And when he died, he closed down the business. Then there was the Beneficial Mortuary, which was right here. When they closed, they sold the building the Flamm’s. Then there was the Wiser Mortuary, which closed in 2008. The Flamms then moved into the building. Every time, the building was better, more spacious and more accommodating for the community. They built the building in 1967. This building has been around for fifty years.