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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Selling a home is a difficult task due to increased demands from buyers and markets. Many times, home sellers feel discouraged as their search for the ideal buyer bears little fruit months after listing their homes for sale.

There are numerous mistakes that home sellers make which make it hard to find a buyer. You can sell your home successfully by avoiding some of the common mistakes explained below.

Working with the Wrong Agent

Your real estate agent of choice will either make or make your home selling deal. A great agent is capable of offering guidance and recommendations to increase the chances of finding a buyer without having to wait for months. Cosmos Values real estate, for instance, will identify some of the mistakes mentioned in this article and advise you accordingly.

However, if your agent has poor communication skills, or is not as committed as you are, you may have to wait for ages before finally finding a buyer. With the real estate industry becoming overly competitive by the day, finding a favorable real estate agent can be a daunting task. You need to conduct extensive research to find a reliable and genuine agent.

Search the internet and ensure to read reviews on any agents you may find. This way, you can gauge their expertise by the reviews left by their previous clients. Consult friends and family for and referrals, and discuss your need with several agents before finally selecting the one who meets your needs.

Remember, the longer your home remains on the market, the more its value deteriorates. Rather than changing agents regularly, take time to choose the most competitive agent to accelerate the home selling process.

Failure to Repair Your Home

Many buyers are searching for ready homes they can repair without having to renovate. While conducting major repairs on your home can be costly, renovations enhance the value of your home and increase your chances of finding a buyer fast.

Small issues can decrease the value of your home and discourage potential buyers from purchasing it. Simple home improvements will convince the buyer that you are a responsible homeowner and have taken great care of the property.


While every seller wants to sell their property at the highest possible price, emotions often cloud practicality and judgment. Various factors determine the price of your homes such as market strength, property location, the condition of the home, and local demand.

However, what to you is the determining factor for your home price may not be strong enough compared to the price of other homes within your locality. Buyers shun overpriced homes. A good agent should be able to recommend the ideal price for your home according to the market comparables. With a good price, you will get legitimate offers from buyers who will be willing to pay your asking price.

Listing at the Inappropriate time of the Year

Demand for homes fluctuates throughout the year depending on seasons. Experts say that demand rises during spring and decreases during winter. Avoid listing your home during winter as buyers will not be out searching for homes when the weather is dull.

Listing at the inappropriate time of the year can work against you and you could take longer to find the ideal buyer. Discuss with your real estate agent and have them recommend the best listing time of the year. This way, you increase your chances of finding a buyer faster and selling your property at approximately your asking price.

Poor Listing Pictures

If the photos accompanying your listing advertisement are poor, buyers will not be attracted to your property. Remember, your home photos are the first impression potential buyers will have of your home. Make sure to include well-detailed information and clear pictures taken in different rooms at different angles.

Collaborate with a professional real estate photographer from Cosmo Values real estate when taking photos of your home. An expert photographer is experienced enough when it comes to taking photos that sell.


In order to find a buyer for your property with minimal struggle, avoid the mistakes mentioned above and make huge savings on money and time while avoiding the stress that comes with having to wait for months before finally finding a buyer.

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