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Selling Mirrors: To blinds

Since the first time I heard the term sales and marketing, I have been hearing this or similar quotes. This quote was something I thought about a lot after reading it. Eskimos don’t need ice, so any marketer or salesperson selling mirrors who can sell it to them will never be able to make a living in sales and marketing. This client is unlikely to repeat the sale of this product.

True marketers are those who build trust relationships with clients and prospects through the consistent sale of suitable products. It is a relationship that lasts.

When I speak about selling mirrors for blind men, it is because of this. These are the caveats to my approach.

Generating Attention Selling Mirrors

Asking questions will help you understand your client and determine what they need. What makes them happy and complete?

Next is to be enthusiastic about Shower Plumbing my product. Its core features and the reasons it is better than other solutions to my customer’s problem are key.

I would introduce myself and my product herringbone flooring to the blind man in my interaction. I also asked the person to tell me about themselves. My first objection would likely be that he doesn’t want the product because he can’t see himself in it and there is no one who lives with him who can use it.

It is a valid reason not to buy my product. I was not discouraged and asked him how he navigates on busy streets. He could respond with a stick. I ask him to look into reflective selling mirrors. These are specially designed for people with vision impairment. They work in both the day and night, letting others on the road know that someone is approaching them.

He mentioned that they often leave and come back. Further investigation revealed that the house did not have the same feel as a nonblind person would expect. My client may need to improve lighting in his living room. I suggest that he buy decorative selling mirrors that will brighten up the area. It will also help him to be more socially acceptable for his friends.

He stated unconvincingly, “It might”.

I would suggest that we start with one large, single selling craigslist little rock mirrors opposite the main door. Then let’s see what happens.” I would also ask him for his details, and when he would like the selling mirror delivered.

That moment is when I realize that I have achieved my goal of helping another client. I also started a relationship that is based upon the AIDA approach making my client’s lives better.

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