Ideas for Your Magical Fairy “Garden Bowl”

I created a miniature dinosaur container garden bowl for Sawyer and the boys earlier in the season. This was a huge success! He rearranges his accessories and says “RAWR!” every time he goes outside. He makes “RAWR!” sounds with the small plastic dinos.

The boys and I built our first fairy garden last year with whimsical accessories, including a stone bridge and gazing ball, lanterns, and a little dragon.

Since then, I have been obsessed with the adorable garden miniatures and have a vision to create a sprawling garden bed fairyland one day. (Uh, I’m afraid #DoneWithFunDaddy will move out. He hasn’t negotiably squashed this idea so far.

We have reached a marriage-saving compromise by incorporating one to two new accessories per season. This allows me to keep my vision in check and keeps it within my budget.

  • Make Your Own Magical Fairy Garden Bowl – Easy-Care and Simple
  • You planted fewer plants, but they had more space to grow.

The garden bowl that I planted last year quickly garden quartz became a jungle and not a fairyland. You couldn’t see the fairy accessories at the end of the summer because they were so dense and out of control. I chose three plants this year instead of four or five. This gave them plenty of room to grow and flourish around our accessories.

Expanded to Make a Larger Garden Bowl?

In the same vein, we also planted our dinosaur garden last year in the same container. We upgraded to a deeper, wider garden bowl with a slightly larger diameter. The new 18-inch bowl has more space to store a few fun accessories.

As accessories are only 50 cents each, I was able to find a pair of tiny toadstool homes in the Target dollar spot.

Purple glass mushrooms added height to my garden. I love the color. This accessory is not breakable, unlike most accessories that are resin-based and quite kid-indestructible. I was able to place it and my boys knew how easy it was to use, even while they were arranging everything else.

My single mushroom was purchased at a local garden shop (The Growing Place in Naperville, Aurora has the best selection fairy accessories!) Amazon has a similar set, so you can add more to your garden. These are adorable!

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