Here are Top Tips to Decorate Your Garden Room.

Modern garden buildings are more than just a shed or a summerhouse. You can easily create an outdoor space that is beautiful for entertaining, working, or just enjoying the outdoors. You can make garden buildings as beautiful as any other room in your home. Modern Garden Rooms understands that not all gardens office pod are created garden rooms equal. We offer five beautiful, architecturally designed garden office structures that can be customized garden offices to your needs and garden gyms preferences.

Color Scheme

You can decorate your garden building as you wish. The natural wood might be left exposed. You can either paint the exterior with plaster or paint it indoors. Or you can combine them with cladding. The colour scheme is also important. Take inspiration from outside plantings to create a soothing continuity or use contrasting tones that make the foliage stand out. Classic white walls can also highlight the timber of your garden building.


You can use garden buildings to create a unique space where you can have furniture with a different style than what you would find in your home. You might want to play up the ‘cabin theme’. You can use cut logs to make chairs and stools, and stone and leather can be used in combination with luxurious textiles to create an alpine feel. Cast iron, glass, and steel are all options for those who want a more modern, contemporary look. These dramatic and reflective materials add a sense space to small garden buildings.


Some people may prefer spotlights, but you can still enjoy an unusual lighting fixture, even one that doesn’t match what you have. If you have a sitting or table arrangement in the middle of your room, a brass or coloured light shade could make a statement. A large Anglepoise-style, large lamp would be a unique accessory for a garden office. A wooden or iron chandelier is a great option if you want a rustic look. Fairy lights can soften modern rooms or add a whimsical touch in your cabin.


Remember to include the garden part in your garden building. Your outdoor space is just as important as your interior. You can lead clients and guests to your garden’s centrepiece with steps or a terrace, or hide your secret hiding place behind trees. Tall grass can be used to create elegant screens, but it is easier and more subtle than using established shrubs. For a romantic entrance, a tunnel of rose-trailed arches could be used. You can also line the paths with lavender to make a fragrant walkway.


There are many flooring options for garden buildings, including easy-to-clean laminate and melamine as well as carpeting or artificial grass. If guests, family and clients are coming in from the outdoors, then a pale, absorbent floor may not be the best option. You can bring out the beauty of low-key colors and textures with clever use rug and skin combinations. A sheepskin hearthrug can be used to add a traditional touch to a wood-burner in a garden building. A great accent for timber floors is a rug in Afghan style.

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