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Real Estate Tips For Home Sellers

Transitioning from buyer to seller should be smooth. If you were an early homebuyer, your plan likely included finding an ideal property at a fair cost. When the time comes to sell your house, be more realistic about its marketing appeal and take steps that may attract prospective buyers. Condollo gives montreal real estate, sellers, or investors accurate, up-to-date listings provided by accredited professionals across Canada. The price, the days on market, and the overall condition of the property is our forte.

One key thing to keep in mind when working with real estate agents is treating them like partners. While you may have various goals you wish to meet when selling your house, remember to use their expertise in making decisions regarding either your property or an offer.

Looking at the median prices and sales of Montreal’s property types.

  • The median price of a single-family home in Montreal was $535,000 in March 2023, down 5.4% year-over-year and up 3.9% month-over-month.
  • There were 20.8% fewer single-family homes sold this March than last year, with 2,083 single-family home sales in March 2023. This is an increase of 32% compared to the previous month. Single-family homes had an average selling time of 53 days in March 2023, up compared to 27 days last March.
  • The median price for condominiums decreased by 5.2% year-over-year to a median price of $381,500 for March 2023, a 0.4% increase compared to last month.
  • The 1,559 condo sales in March 2023 represent a 33% drop in sales year-over-year, for a 29% month-over-month increase. Condos had an average selling time of 58 days, up from 37 days last March.
  • The median price for plexes for March 2023 was $711,000, down 8.1% year-over-year and up 0.1% month-over-month.
  • Meanwhile, Montreal plex sales are down 43% year-over-year and up by 47% month-over-month to 302 sales. Plexes had an average selling time of 76 days, up from 52 days last March.

Acquire an Accurate Home Appraisal Now

As home sellers who are just entering the market, newcomers need an accurate appraisal. Hiring a trustworthy appraiser is key for making sure your home’s value is assessed accurately; your real estate agent can be of great assistance here as this professional may know local resources they can tap.

Take Advantage of Home Staging to Unlock its Full Potential

Home staging services provide an effective means of photographing listings, organizing open houses and hosting individual shows. Their aim is to create an atmosphere which allows viewers to understand all components of a home’s architecture.

Showing an empty house to prospective buyers may make it hard for them to envision how each room may appear; the same goes for taking professional photographs or hosting an open home event. Staging services provide an excellent solution, making sure your home looks amazing without needing to remove furniture from its current position.

Understand Real Estate Agent Commissions

Make sure that you are paying the standard montreal real estate fees. Understanding the average commission rate in your locality as well as each agent’s benefits to assist in making an informed decision about who to work with is vital in making sure you make an educated choice when selecting an agent.

Begin your search by researching the past performance of any agents you wish to work with, as well as their commission rates and benefits provided – making an assessment based on which benefits will most benefit you personally.

Create Shows that Add Value

Home showings offer buyers the opportunity to explore your property and verify its readiness for move-in. Interested buyers should organize at least two, and ideally three viewings. Each viewing presents an opportunity to showcase your property – it is therefore vital that every visit can add value.

Attract buyers with your most valuable features without upstaging potential ones! Highlighting what is truly important can often result in unnerved visitors, leading to disorientation. Showcasing value without upstaging is difficult; therefore most sellers of homes prefer using agents for this process.

Hold Open House Events

Before we proceed with this suggestion, it’s important to remember that not all properties can host open houses. If yours meets this criteria, hosting open house events is an effective way to attract buyers while making necessary fixes simultaneously.

An open house can also be an excellent way to enhance the curb appeal of your house in front of potential buyers by taking just a few simple steps. If personal belongings are present in your home, arrange them neatly and set up the open space when there is ample lighting; fresh, clean floral arrangements in living areas can have a tremendous effect.

Prepare Your Moving Preparations

Sellers tend to focus exclusively on selling their property without giving much thought to how their families will transition into their new setting. Buyers, in contrast, often wait until after selling their current home has closed before searching for another – something which may result in quick decisions focusing on immediate needs rather than long-term planning.

As soon as you begin the transition process of selling or leasing out your house to new owners, it is wise to plan your transition carefully. Doing this will allow you to identify an appropriate long-term or permanent solution more easily than making decisions out of necessity alone.

Your Moving Company Is Prepared and Available

Preparing to move into a new house requires careful consideration and the details surrounding moving day must also be attended to with care. To be well prepared for moving day, contact your preferred moving company and communicate your needs for a flexible time slot with them. Movers understand your situation well so they will help find an accommodating moving company to suit any changes to time or date that arise.

Tidying Visible Areas and Storage Spaces

Home buyers will assess your home for cleanliness and storage space. While this may seem tedious at first, these actions are actually essential in creating positive impressions of your property and finding honest buyers.

Therefore, it is vital that you take the time to clean and organize storage areas before guests arrive. Deep cleaning doesn’t need to take hours; providing that your home is relatively tidy it shouldn’t require that level of deep cleaning either. Just be sure that there isn’t any toys or other forms of clutter clogging your hallways and your storage areas are organized enough for guests to appreciate their dimensions properly.

Employ the Light in Your House

Natural lighting will be an integral component in selling your home to potential buyers, so take advantage of it by scheduling viewings during times when there’s plenty of sunshine and using top-of-the-line fixtures to fill any gaps in natural light. Highlight these components too.

Create an Empty Canvas

Our final piece of advice for sellers looking to real estate transactions is to clear a space so buyers can see it clearly.

Though this may seem minor, finding the ideal balance is challenging. Keep in mind that too much stuff may make your home appear empty and cold; therefore it may be beneficial to include furniture pieces which don’t significantly change how you style your home, yet still give potential buyers something to stimulate their imaginations.