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Imagine working in a career that is flexible where you can set earning potential of $100,000 or more on your schedule. There are a lot of reasons to choose real estate. However, there are two sides to every story, and a real estate career is the same. Below is a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a real estate agent career.

Getting Started in a Real Estate Career is Quick and Painless

Experts: In most states, you can complete the necessary training, become a licensed realtor, and begin a new career in only a matter of months or weeks (depending on state regulations).

Cons: There’s an investment in time, money, and effort. It comes with no warranties. Passing the state Validum Institute real estate licensing examination is difficult and demands an understanding of a skill set and topics.

As a Real Estate Agent, You Are Your Own Boss

Pros: You control your book of business and an independent contractor. You make the choices. Couple a fantastic attitude and work ethic together, and there are no limitations for your property business’ increase.

Cons: You are on your own and an independent contractor to learn the organization and the industry. You’re responsible for building your guide list, maintaining your customer’s requirements, networking relationships, marketing your business, and managing the daily office requirements. It is all in your hands. Many agents don’t recognize just how much work it takes to be a realtor.

Real Estate Agents Make a Good Income

Pros: Your income is not limited by an hourly wage or a salary range that is corporate-dictated. As a real estate agent, the time you invest mainly dictates your income. With the addition of an assistant, grow your real estate business or find the license which allows you to build your broker. The growth potential is enormous.

Cons: Initially, your direction will probably be outside. Most realtors that are new require a nest egg to start their careers. A while will be taken by getting your sales to come in, before your check is cashed by you, and it is going to be. Based on relationships you may farm and the market you pay, it may be a feast or famine situation.

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Real Estate Agents Work Flexible Schedules

Pros: You do not work a mundane 9 to 5 job. Real estate agents set. A lot of the time of a real estate agent is spent building relationships, meeting people, and socializing.

Cons: Having a flexible schedule in real estate means you’ve got to be flexible to the customer’s needs. In real estate, you typically work when everybody else is not. That includes weekends. If a customer calls, can you drop everything and be attentive to their needs, even if it is a time that you would be spending with loved ones or your friends?

As a Real Estate Agent, You Help People With Their Largest Transactions

Experts: Real estate brokers sell their property or receive satisfaction. This is an exciting time for both sellers and buyers, and they seem to assist them to manage their way through the procedure with client services.

Cons: Real estate transactions are among the most stressful times of a customer’s life when things do not go as planned, and you’ll have to be confident in your abilities and skills. Word-of-mouth spreads quickly and can impact your referral system and, finally, your bottom-line if a customer leaves unhappy, not or if it resulted from your efforts.


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