One of the most exhilarating experiences on this earth for all art lovers is purchasing an exquisite piece of art in the form of a poster, and getting the opportunity to hang it up on one of your walls for you to enjoy for years to come. Having art posters in your home not only improves the decor of the room that the poster is placed in, they also add tranquillity and positivity to your home.

If you want the poster to retain its pristine look for years to come, then it is imperative that you hang it up correctly on the display surface. The following are some of the tips that you should follow when hanging up art posters in your home. These tips are applicable regardless of whether the posters are framed or not.

  • Wash your hands

It is imperative that you wash your hands before you attempt to hang up an unframed poster. Our hands normally have oils and greases, and handling the poster with unwashed hands might leave oil and grease smudges on the poster especially on its darker areas.

  • Lay it flat

If your poster was sold to you in a tube, slowly remove it from this enclosing, and lay it completely flat on a similarly flat surface. Weigh the poster down on its corners with light weights as you straighten the different parts of the poster.

This might seem like such a simple step, but it is absolutely critical because when you slide the poster from the tubing, it’s natural inclination is to roll up. If you hang it up on a wall like this, without laying it out and straightening it, the poster will roll up against any adhesive you apply, and you will find that the poster curls up in the spots where there is no or slightly less adhesive applied.

  • Clean the surface

While the poster is still laying flat with the light weights at its corners, proceed to clean the surface of the wall where you plan to hang the poster. Humidity and dust are the main things you should be worried about removing from that particular spot because they create grime that bars the poster from adhering to the wall.

A slightly wet towel or rug plus a bit of dishwashing soap should do the trick of removing any dirt that might be on the hanging spot.

  • Best type of adhesive

Usually, the best type of adhesive for hanging up posters is the removable type. Removable adhesive is ideal because it minimizes the damage done to a wall and the poster when you decide to move the poster to another location. There are several types of removable adhesives that you can find in your local store including poster tape, which is basically double sided removable tape, and poster tack, which is often adhesive putty that is easy to remove.


  • Apply/Attach the Adhesive

When applying/attaching the adhesive, the best practice is to do so on the backside of the poster rather than on the wall. Ensure you apply/tape the four corners of the poster, the midpoints between these corners, as well as at the centre of the poster. Once you are done with putting the adhesive, slowly stick the poster on your wall.

  • Be prepared for the discoloration

Depending on how recently the wall was painted, you may notice a slight discoloration after applying the poster adhesive. This is especially the case if you are using the adhesive putty mentioned above. The presence of the putty will mean less oxidation will take place at its points of contact with the wall paint. These points will look slightly discoloured compared to the rest of the wall especially if the paint is very recent.

Hence, when hanging up a Poster Copenhagen, be sure to wash your hands first, straighten the poster while on a flat surface, use the right adhesive, and apply this adhesive to the poster rather than applying it on the wall.

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