Home Hacks for Zip Ties

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Zip ties can be very useful. They can be used for arts and crafts, organization and even gardening. Here here a few ways they can be used in the home.


When short on space and a plant is flopping about and taking up more space than wanted (or just rather than growing upwards it is growing off to the side), try using a stake or a moss pole and zip tie the tips of the plant to the pole. 


Pegboards are a great tool. Not only are they stylish, they are also efficient. So if a couple things don’t have a place in the house, grab a zip tie, loop each end through two holes and tie up the object with the zip tie. Ribbon or twine could also work but zip ties are stronger and are more reliable. 


While most dustpans and brooms have a hole that is often used to hang them up, they don’t always work out too well. They can stick out and look very peculiar or each hole might have a specific hook they require to hang with. So take a zip tie or two, pull an end of the zip tie through the hole and tie it up and now it should hang in a better way. 


If you have cabinets in your house that need to be locked up immediately, this is one of the best options! Take a zip tie, tie together the handle from the closest cabinet and zip tie them up! This should keep out little kids and pets as well! 


Instead of using rubber bands for doing tie dye projects, use a zip tie around the area instead. They will now look more professional and instead of wrapping around for a long time, zip ties will make the process faster!  


While theft while traveling is always a possibility, a cheap and safe way to make a suitcase more secure is by using zip ties! Pull together the two zippers that close your suitcase, loop the zip tie through them and this might keep a possible thief from breaking into the suitcase.


If you are in a rush and the shower gets clogged, you are more likely to have zip ties on hand rather than a drain snake, so grab a pair of scissors, get a zip tie (preferably a long one) and diagonally cut slits on each side. Then you can stick it down the drain and it should pull up the big problem that was in the drain, causing drainage issues.


Occasionally when transporting spillable snacks, the snacks will fall over and spill everywhere. Use a zip tie at the top of the bag so that the snacks will hopefully stay put. Chip clips can work but zip ties are more secure. 


When organizing, labels are very useful! Make some labels and use two zip ties to attach them to the basket! Reusable Velcro cable ties work best.  Now you can find things with ease!


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