Darren Palmer’s guide on designing the perfect bathroom

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Darren Palmer’s guide on designing the perfect bathroom

The perfect bathroom is a key space in the home that can be difficult to use, but it has become a place of relaxation and retreat. How do you make your bathroom beautiful and functional?


If you are shaving or applying make up, the lighting should be uniform and direct from the front. However, this can limit your design options as you will need to modify lighting or buy a mirror that has lighting built in. Next, place lighting over the tap. Make sure that both sides of your face are lit equally. You could either have one light above the tap or you could have two lights at the mirror’s edges. This is the best way to get even light. With the light coming in from the front and reflecting off of the mirror, there will be less shadowing.

You should consider the location of the lighting in the ceiling. Consider other areas such as the toilet and feature walls. The reflected ceiling plane will look great as well as functional. While it may seem like a good idea to place one downlight above a bath, you will soon find yourself staring up at the light when you are in the tub.


There are three types bathroom storage options: under-bench storage for face storage, under-bench and what I call “opportunistic” storage.

Face-level storage

Convenience and functionality are the main goals of face-level storage. While some might not find a mirror cabinet placed over a vanity attractive, it is a great way to keep frequently-used items close at hand. Online, or in stores, you can find mirrored shaving cabinets that look great and fit perfectly into a cavity wall. You can save on design and build of custom cabinetry by buying off the rack, but bespoke joinery options will deliver optimal storage results.

Under-bench storage

It is common to store under-bench items. Consider large drawers over cupboards, if possible. Drawers can be used to organize everything in a compact way while still being easily accessible.

Opportunistic storage

The layout of your bathroom will affect how much storage you can make. I have had storage built into the toilet to keep the paper and brushes out of my way in previous houses. Another example was a cupboard over the pan. To squeeze more enjoyment out of your bathroom, you will find its own nooks and crannies.


Focus on how you use the bathroom while planning. You’ll notice the essential things that you use on a functional level. When you blow dry your hair, consider where the dryer will be placed if it is needed to be put down. You might think about the place where children’s bath toys might be. Think about what your daily beauty routine looks like. There is no limit to the amount of bench space you can have.


There are many choices when it comes to bathroom fixtures and fittings. You can choose from a variety of accessories, including metallic finishes with a polished finish or brushed finishes. It is important that you select accessories that complement your home’s architecture. You should ensure that all fittings have the same shapes and finishes, including taps, towel rails, and toilet roll holders.

Bathroom Renovation Tips

It’s possible to make your bathroom look great. When guests visit, they will be able to ask for the bathroom and you will be able to hear their gasps as they go in. Then, you can change the flooring or sinks to create the tub or shower you always dreamed of. As with any other home improvement, bathroom remodeling can be done however you wish. It’s possible to transform your bathroom and make it look amazing.

Bathroom renovations can be so costly that you might not want to live in your home. Clearance items and home stores are a great option if you want the process to be as affordable as possible. New stock is coming in so you can purchase brand-new products like counter tops, cabinets and flooring.

A wholesaler might be worth considering if you want to purchase all the materials for your bathroom renovation at once. Do not worry if cost is a concern. You are making an investment in your home so you can get more.

Bathroom home improvements not only will make your house look brand new, but they also can instantly update it by removing the wear and tear. You can make your bathroom look brand new by replacing or resurfacing your bathtub or shower, painting the walls, or replacing cabinets.

Affordable bathroom home improvement ideas

You might be worried about the cost of the bathroom project if you have plans to remodel your bathroom. No matter what you hear, your bathroom renovation projects don’t need to cost a fortune.

You can start your bathroom renovations by having your current bathtub or shower replaced. This includes any knobs or showerheads. You can find a bathtub that fits your budget at your local home improvement center.

If the cost of replacing an old tub is prohibitive, you can opt to have the tiles or porcelain tubs resurfaced. The process can take up to an afternoon, but the tub and shower will look great for many years.

You can also replace your toilet to refresh your bathroom’s appearance. Toilets wear out over time, just like any other item that is used frequently. Even if your toilet is working, it’s not mandatory to buy a new one. You can replace the toilet seat with a cheaper option if you’re able to find one that is affordable.

While it’s not a requirement, cabinets can be replaced. It is easy to spice up your space with simple painting or staining. You can replace hardware after you paint, as they are often paired with cabinets.

Bathroom renovation doesn’t necessarily have to be costly. It doesn’t take long to make your existing bathroom look great. Once you are done with all the above, don’t hesitate to paint the walls and beautify the room to make it a relaxing place.

The first step in a successful series bathroom remodeling projects is to create reasonable plans. Anyone desire a larger bathroom. While it may be possible to make your bathroom appear larger, the actual construction of a larger bathroom is a difficult task. Most homeowners only do bathroom renovations once or twice per year.

Planning for a bathroom remodel can begin with an understanding of the prices and fixtures available. Budgets are a common starting point for homeowners. This makes it easier to make the right decision. It may not be possible to refinish the floor for a reasonable price. This also limits the color options available. A new tub, sink or shower is a common home improvement project for bathrooms. The fixtures are out of date and the whole room appears dated.

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