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What an all-time classic Damask Wallpaper can do for your interiors?

Damask Wallpaper is known for being vintage and regal that can be seen and resembles the Victorian era. Elegance is the main character when you set your eyes to this design and can dramatically transform any room and add appeal to your homes and interiors.

Its grand appearance help buyers to easily make their homes more elegant than ever and create more possibilities depending on their selected theme. Let us take a look at where it came from, read along, and see the information that will make you fall in love with this kind of house wallpaper.

Damask Designs Origin

Even if it was popularized in Europe, Damask Wallpaper was originated in China wherein they used for royalty in 300 BC. Then it was transported to Damascus and began its popularity in trading ports, and was reported France is the first to use it as a luxurious fabric.

It was commonly used as wall hanged fabric or wallcoverings for royal families, upholstery to furniture. It was eventually used in so many ways and evolved into many designs and patterns with different motifs like floral, lines, and reversible patterns.

How Damask wallcoverings can level up your Interiors?

We want to give you all the information you needed to make the most out of your Damask Wallpaper and how it can level up in redesigning your rooms. 

Though it came from the past, Damask wallpaper design is already making a scene in today’s trends and can fit various styles, colors, types of furniture, and how big or small the room is. Be amazed at how it can complement your furniture and turn your space into something beautiful without even the help of professionals, all you need to do is to know where to purchase it and to know the best place to buy wallpaper like at Mahones Wallpaper Shops, wherein you can see top brands that offer Damask wallpaper designs such as Schumacher wallpaper collection.

Larger Rooms and Damask Wallpapers

Time to be fearless in transforming your living room to a more elegant and classy space using Damask Wallpaper. These designs can easily demonstrate the chic and rich taste of the owner. A damask style you would want to have is a Flock pattern, as it offers a luscious look.

If you have a pretty large living or central room area, you should remember to get a bigger pattern, too, as well as a more vibrant and brighter tone. This is mainly because you would want to ensure that it will not just blend in and look like plain paint afar.

Choosing a medium or large size pattern is good as long as it will complement your furniture to accentuate its beauty.

Damask Wallpaper for your Kitchen

Preferring this Damask design wall covering for your Kitchen can offer calmness and nobility to your space. Not only that, as it can give more personality of elegance, whether you have a modern or traditional style. A cohesive feel is its main goal and perfectly does its job in making your Kitchen stand out and carry your desired theme.

You would also want to go for smaller patterns for this area of your house so it will not give a certain focal point and create a whole accent to your walls.

Bedrooms and Damask Wallpapers.

To get a perfect match, you need to consider the size, color of your furniture as well as your desired motif. Rule number 1 is to get bolder and larger patterns for big rooms and smaller patterns for limited spaces like your child’s room. It would also be best if you stick with bright or lighter colors for your kid’s room for a nicer ambiance and child-friendly look with a clean finish. Using Damask Wallpaper can also offer a relaxing vibe to your bedroom.

Bathroom with Damask Wallpapers

It may be a little tricky sometimes to use a damask or traditional pattern for your bathroom, but it is worth trying.  You just need to ensure that you have a well-ventilated room mainly for humidity and may damage your wallcoverings. However, if you have a modern type of bathroom, this should not be a problem.

Aside from that, the rules are still the same, bolder patterns for bigger space and small and fine patterns for a smaller area. You could go dark, elegantly, or gothic style depending on your personality or make it shiny and bright with metallic and grey wallpaper like Phillip Jeffries Wallpaper.

Transforming your Office space with Damask Wallpapers

Damascus designs could make a difference if it is used for your library or work of place. It can transform your interior into something serious and sophisticated feel that will match each personality.

You can get a grey or light Damask wallpaper with bolder patterns if your space is larger. It creates a more delicate ambiance and a slick finish to your room.


There are so many wonders of house wallpaper you can explore, particularly Damask wallpapers. It is a truly good addition to the already astonishing furniture of your house, but be more creative and fiercer to try new designs and patterns that can level it up. You don’t need an expensive interior designer but just quality and beautiful wallcoverings that may enhance your rooms.


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